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Startup Drill Oslo "7th April at 16:30 in Oslo / Norway"
Startup Drill Zagreb "9th February at 16:30 in Zagreb / Croatia"

Stop wasting your time making products nobody wants Save valuable resources, focus on customers and increase your chances to survive


Define the problem that needs a solution, make assumptions and prepare experiments.


Describe your customers, their behavior and problem relations. Reach them and test assumptions.

Problem / Solution Fit

Get customer feedback in form of validated learning about the problem and possible solutions.

Startup Drill Intensive 24h training of Lean Startup methodology applied to your startup!


Your previous experience and knowledge does not matter. We will give you just enough theory which you can apply in the moment and on every future startup.


You will choose a team based on your preferences, which is an opportunity to make new connections, find potential co-founders and build friendships.


Lean Startup veterans will help you progress through a Startup Drill tailored process. They will teach you how to make better decisions using examples and personal experience.


It is mind-blowing for every startup enthusiast. Get out of the comfort zone, expose your idea to customers and learn how to #build4customers.

Experience significant improvement of your approach to business idea development! Great impressions are our fuel!


And make the best investment of your time!

Startup Drill Oslo

Startup Drill Oslo

7th April 2017 from 16:30 Oslo / Norway

Registration closed.

Stop wasting your time and #build4customers in Oslo!

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Startup Drill Zagreb

Startup Drill Zagreb

9th February 2017 from 16:30 Zagreb / Croatia

Registration closed.

Stop wasting your time and #build4customers in Zagreb!

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