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Startup Drill: Never regret to join it!

On the 23rd to 24th of November 2018, I attended Startup Drill Smart City Cyberjaya organized by Startup Drill, Malaysia Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and Inspire Series. For those who do not know anything about Startup Drill, this is their first pilot in Malaysia. The two helpful mentors also traveled all the way […]

Startup Drill likes ASEAN startup founders

Participant: So how do I complete my Startup Drill Board? Mentor: Well, it’s completed when you validate all the assumptions and find the problem/solution fit. Participant: It means we will use the Board in multiple rounds to iterate the solution? Mentor: Exactly! Your Board will be used as a tool to capture the progress and […]

Problem assumptions

Written by Filip Stipancic and Miro Hegedic   Defining the problem to work with 1. Idea VS Problem In spring 2017 one of our mentors on Startup Drill event in Oslo was giving a keynote speech. Being a startup veteran who went through dotcom boom at the beginning of the century,  he had many stories […]

a validation board filled with sticky notes on a table

Why will idea validation make you more successful

What is startup success anyway? Social impact. Becoming your own boss. Wish to offer an alternative. Creating wealth. Prove it to others. Need for self-employment… and the list of things that can motivate an individual to become a startup founder keeps on going. Depending on the source of your motivation, your personal metrics of success […]

Why startups succeed – or not?

Replying to the question “why do startups succeed?” is a complicated task. There are so many different factors that affect their success, and most often they are unique to each individual startup. On the other hand, the reasons for startup failures are often similar to each other, and the characteristics of successful startups prove that […]